Security Training

IL 20 Hr. Unarmed Security Officer Training:

Required for any person wanting to enter security field

Training Includes: 


· Security Operations/Use of Force/Report Writing

· State and Federal Law

· First Aid/Fire Prevention

· Terrorism/Active Shooter/Bomb Threats


IL 40 Hr. Armed Security Officer Training:

Must first complete the IL 20Hr Unarmed Security Officer Training prior to attending class

Training Includes: 


· Refresher of the above listed course

· Criminal Law/Use of Force/Carrying and Transporting of Weapons

· Types of Handguns/Maintenance/Ammunition/Storage/Firearm Safety

· Shooting Stance/Grip/Sight Alignment/Breathing Control/Trigger Squeeze

· Supervised Range Supervision

· Range Time/Targets/Fire Arms/Ammunition

*Affiliated With Michael Pretto: Firearms Training Course; Department of Professional Regulation, State of Illinois-License Number 102.352




$25 Deposit Required to Hold a Spot (Remainder of course fee will be due in class)

IL 20 Hr. Unarmed Security Training - $75

IL 40 Hr. Armed Security Training - $125