Livescan Fingerprinting

LiveScan Fingerprints


We are a licensed and approved LiveScan Vendor Agency by the Illinois State Police and the FBI. LiveScan fingerprints are mainly for in state (IL) licenses.

We also do the FBI 258 Ink Cards for out of state purposes.

What is LiveScan?


LiveScan fingerprinting is an inkless electronic system that is designed to capture an individual’s fingerprint images and demographic data (name, sex, race, date of birth, etc.). This is done in a digitized format that can be transmitted to the state central repository (Illinois State Police) for processing. The data is forwarded to the Illinois State Police (ISP), Bureau of Identification (BOI), to be processed by the ISP’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Once received at the ISP BOI for processing, the inquiry can then be forwarded to the FBI electronically for further processing.


LiveScan Fingerprinting Services

  • Access &   Review   
  • Bank Charter (Management Staff) - BCA   
  • Carnival & Amusement Rides Safety Act   - UCIA   
  • Charter Bus Driver - CBD   
  • Chicago Navy Pier/Expo Center - LGE
  • Chicago Park District - PKD
  • Chiropractic License - CHI
  • Chiropractic License by Endorsement - CHE   
  • City/Village Employees-Licensing - LGE   
  • Coaching - NCP   
  • Commercial Transportation Vehicle Relocator - CTV   
  • Community Programs - NCP
  • Concealed Carry Instructor - CCI
  • Concealed   Carry License - CCW
  • Drivers Training Instructor - DTI
  • Explosives License - DMM   
  • Fire Fighters - FMN   
  • Humane Euthanasia- HEA    
  • Illinois Racing Licensing - RCL
  • Licensed Practical Nurse- LPN
  • Liquor License Applicant - LIQ
  • LiveScan Fingerprint Vendor - LFV  
  •  Lock Smith-LOC   
  • Massage Therapists- MTH    
  • Medical Cannabis Cultivation Agent/Dispensing Agent - CCA/CDA  
  • Mentoring Organizations - NCP
  • Mental Health Applicant - MHA
  • Military/National Guard Background Checks   - ASF *Must Provide ORI Number*   
  • Park District Employees - PKD   
  • Pawn Broker - BCA   
  • Permanent Employee Registration Card- (PERC)  
  •  Physician's License- PL   
  • Private Alarm Contractor- PSC   
  • Private Detective- PSA   
  • Private School Matriculants - UCIA   
  • Private   Security Contractor- PSC   
  • Public Housing Applicant - PHA  
  • Public Insurance Adjuster - PAL
  • Public School Matriculants - MSM   
  • Recovery Permit Licensee - RPL
  • Registered Professional Nurse- RPN   
  • School Bus Driver - SBD 
  • Secretary of State License - SOS
  • Security   Guards- SEC   
  • Self-Check    
  • Tow Truck Company/Driver- TTC/TTD  
  • Vehicle Dealer License - VDL

Ink Fingerprinting


FBI (FD-258) Card

Occasionally, fingerprints are still required to be obtained using ink. Out-of-State licensing and/or employment are the most common reasons individuals are required to have their fingerprints captured using ink. This is done on a FBI (FD-258) card. Click below for an example and more information on the FBI (FD-258) card.

Conviction Information Request (ISP6-404B) Form

This form is used to capture ink fingerprints in order to initiate an Illinois State Police (ISP) fingerprint-based criminal history record background check. Fingerprint-based Background checks that are initiated by utilizing this form are done at the state level. Click below for an example and more information regarding the Conviction Information Request (ISP6-404B) Form.